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 Just have a few questions you want answered? A very specific problem that needs solving? Or maybe some reassurance that what you’re doing is correct? This is for clients who want a quick, no frills, in and out meeting (or two). No formal written financial plan is produced beyond a brief, follow-up summary e-mail.  


Want to have a clear picture of where you are and where you’re going?  Trying to put together a plan that includes EVERYTHING?  This is for people who want a plan that covers it all.  Each financial plan is hand-crafted and addresses topics ranging from saving and budgeting, to tax issues, mortgage and/or home purchase plans, employee benefits, insurance (including home, auto & life), college saving plans, retirement planning, and finally estate planning.  


Need help with investing? Not sure how your investments are performing (or thinking they’re not performing as well as they could)? Questioning the fees you’re paying your current advisor are justified?  We predominantly use low cost investments and a passive strategy with a little bit of common sense sprinkled in to manage client investments. 

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