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Recent Graduate

You’ve got your degree in hand and a career you love.  See how we can help make sure you get off on the right foot and never have to look back with regret. 

These are some of the questions our recent graduate clients are asking:

What’s the best way
to pay off my
student loans?

Which credit cards should
I use (if any) 
and how do I
use them responsibly?

Should I save for retirement?  
Save towards buying my first home?  Have fun? What’s most important?

Should I contribute to my 401(k)?  How much?  
Which funds should I choose?

How much should I be saving?  
What percent of my income can I spend on fun?

What employee benefits at my company should I choose?  
What if they don’t offer any?

As a new graduate now is the time to get yourself on the right path.  By starting out doing things right, you never have to worry about developing bad financial habits that may be tough to break in the future.  

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